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About OHF

This is the Eclipse Open Healthcare Framework (OHF) wiki. The OHF project addresses part of a need to improve the levels of interoperability between applications and systems within and across healthcare organizations – corporate and regional.

Getting Started in OHF

Insuring Your Contributions Are Legal

Before any code can be committed to Eclipse, it is absolutely imperative that:

  1. Its Intellectual Property (IP) be properly credited
  2. That due diligence is performed to confirm that all code submitted is EPL compliant with Eclipse-approved open source licenses
  3. That it contains all required legal documentation within the code itself

Here are some links to what you need to know about the IP process and its requirements:

IPzilla! A way to track the status of your Contribution Questionaires

Although several of the above links1 are embedded within the Eclipse Legal Resources Page and its own links, they are important and helpful enough that shortcuts are provided here to make them easier for you to find when you need to refer to them.



  • OHF was in the spotlight at LinuxWorld San Francisco's Healthcare Day. Don Jorgenson was featured on two panels, and Jamie Kaufman one panel, and a demonstration of the Ohf bridge component was a popular draw for the healthcare crowd. See OHF at LinuxWorld pics here.
  • August 9, 2006 IBM Research Contribution Press Release [1]


Project HealthDesign Announced

The California HealthCare Foundation and the Robert Johnson Woods Foundation have announced an joint initiative to develop prototype next-generation Personal Health Record (PHR)applications. More information is available at [2] and an informational web conference call is scheduled for Wednesday, August 2.

OHF in the Eclipse CVS

The OHF project in the Eclipse CVS can be accessed through the ViewCVS web interface.

You may also download the code using your favourite CVS client using the following parameters:

  • host:
  • repository path: /cvsroot/technology
  • user name: anonymous
  • modules path: org.eclipse.ohf/plugins/

See the plugins wiki pages in order to understand what plugin projects you want to look at.

If you want to get all of them, you navigate through the modules on to the modules path "org.eclipse.ohf/plugins", then select all 45 plugins (click on the top on, press shift, then click on the bottom one). But if you get all of them they won't compile. 16:40, 28 November 2006 (EST)

OHF Plugins


OHF supports IHE transactions via regular RCP plugins support and even plain Java libraries through the OHF IHE Client plugins, and through Web Services using the OHF Bridge. The OHF Bridge provides a subset of the OHF IHE Client plugins functionalities. It wraps them and expose SOAP calls that are routed to the plugins.

With the help of the users of OHF in the IHE Connectathon 2007, we are guiding a wish list of profiles and actors in the OHF IHE support page. The page details what OHF will/will not/maybe support. Please use the OHF Newsgroup to comment and ask ask questions about the list. Thanks for Sarah, Sondra and Beth of CapMed for helping with the initial setup of the list.

OHF IHE Client plugins

The OHF IHE Client plugins are a set of plugins implementing IHE actors.

OHF UI Client

The OHF UI Client is an Eclipse RCP application demonstrating the IHE Client plugins.

OHF Bridge

The OHF Bridge is an OHF subproject which supplies SOAP access to the OHF plugins. The page includes instructions of how to use the OHF Bridge demo PHP web application. More about the bridge:

WADO Client Plugin

The WADO Client Plug-in simplifies the way RCPs interacts with remote WADO server for fetching DICOM information. For more information see the WADO Client Plug-in Wiki Page.

HL7 V3 Eclipse Tools (H3ET)

The H3ET plug-ins provide a framework and exemplary tools for HL7 standards development and publishing processes. For more information, please see the HL7 V3 Eclipse Tooling plug-ins wiki page.

OHF is going to the next IHE Connectathon 2007

Healthcare applications (EMR, PHR and others) taking advantage of the OHF set of plugins can be enabled as an IHE actors, and participate in the next IHE Connectathon 2007. This page will try to give some references to get started with the 2007 Connectathon. For more questions and discussion about IHF and the connectathon, please use the OHF Newsgroup.

OHF Meetings

OHF Media Pack

Thanks do Don and Kelvin, we are starting to build the OHF Media Pack to help us branding OHF. We will be happy to see more contribution to the pack.


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