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About OFMP

The Eclipse Open Financial Market Platform (Eclipse OFMP) is a project to create an open-source platform for interoperable, extensible financial market systems based on Equinox, Eclipse's OSGi framework. OFMP targets on tools and components for middle-office Financial Markets applications for the banking industry. OFMP will open-source field-tested components from a bank's production environment connecting to common back-office and front-office systems.



We are checkin the initial code contributions.

Project Plan

  • 2008-03 - Version 1.0.0M1
    • Sanitize source code
    • OSGi based Front Office Gateway
  • 2008-06 - Version 1.0.0M2
  • Forex Profit and Loss
  • Single OSGi bundle server
  • Extract third party libraries to standalone bundles
  • 2008-09 - Version 1.0.0M3
  • Position Keeping, Counterparty, Currency, Date and Calendar services moved to OSGi
  • Migration from EJB3 to new Remoting technology
  • 2008-12 - version 1.0 - Release 1.0
  • Fully OSGi based server