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OAW Task Management

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This page is intended as a simple task management list for the oAW project. Note that this is not a replacement for the Bugzilla Bug Database and the Roadmap.

Release 4.1.2

Provide the 4.1.2 release with a number of bug fixes

Current State: Under testing by the team

Action Items:

  • Bernd by March 15: Build 4.1.2 final
  • Markus by March 20: Release to Website for download

Target Release: 4.1.2, obviously

Eclipse Legal Issues

Current State: No CQ started

Action Items:

  • Create CQ's for all 3rd party libs
  • Collect mails form all core contributors
  • Create CQ for our code without generated antlr code

Target Release: not aligned with a release

Responsible person(s)

  • Bernd

Involved person(s)

  • team

AOP for types and extensions

Current state

  • We have an AOP feature for Xpand templates.
  • It would be much more useful to have AOP functionality for all kinds of members, extensions and functions.

Action Items:

  • Add syntax for advices and pointcuts to Xtend.
  • Add semantics (weaving) to the execution context.

Target Release

  • oAW 4.2

Responsible person(s)

  • Sven

Migrate antlr grammars

Current State: Antlr 2.7 is used

Action Items:

  • convert grammars to antlr 3

Target Release: not aligned with a release. As soon as possible (after antlr 3 is legal approved).

Responsible person(s)

  • Arno, Sven

Refactor packages (rename)

Current State: org.openarchitectureware is used as prefix

Action Items:

  • replace org.openarchitectureware with org.eclipse.emf/m2t/t2m/...
  • (provide a compatibility layer?)
  • change shortcut (oaw::...)

Target Release: not aligned with a release, has to be done before switching repositories

Responsible person(s)

  • Bernd

Involved person(s)

  • team

Create a new component within EMF(t)

Current State: We are hosted under GMT

Action Items:

  • Talk to Jean, to close our GMT component
  • Ask Ed to create a new component for us

Target Release: ASAP

Responsible person(s)

  • Bernd, Markus

MagicDraw Integration

Provide a deeper integration with MagicDraw

Current State:

Action Items:

  • Karsten: Discuss with MagicDraw team which kind of integrations is useful

Target Release: tbd

Enterprise Architect Integration

Support and improvement of UML2Exporter for EA.

Current State: Release 1.0.6 supporting all imported diagramms (Profile, Class, UseCase, StateMachine).

Action Items:

  • DevTeam: Define integration in oAW release
  • Ueli: Analyse new Java-Interface of SparxSystems
  • Ueli: Writing UnitTest as Model Checks for all supporting modell elements

Write an Article for Eclipse Magazine

Current State: Article Written, currently being layouted

Action Items:

  • Markus: Verify Layout

Target Release: N/A


Provide a compiler to generate native Java code from all oAW artifacts to improve performance

Current State: Under Development

Action Items:

  • Arno: Finish Alpha version, release to team for testing

Target Release: 4.2


Provide an interactive debugger for Xpand and Xtend

Current State: Under Development

Action Items:

  • Clemens: Finish Alpha version of Xpand debugger, release to team for testing
  • Bernd: Finish Alpha version of Xtend debugger, release to team for testing

Target Release: 4.2

Nightly/Continuous Build

Create a continuous build with downloadable builds, viewable reports, bug report integration, test execution.

Current State: Nightly build is running on Build machine is internal at itemis, download is public.

Action Items:

  • Coordinate with Bernd

Target Release: Already established, from now on ongoing.

JSR 223 / Scripting

Provide an implementation of the new Java Scripting API for Workflow, Xtend (probably Check and Xpand also?)

Current State: Realized for Workflow.

Action Items:

  • Implementing for Xtend

Target Release: 4.2


Currently, all documentation is written in OpenOffice. Convert it to docbook, so we can produce both PDF and Eclipse online help from this single source.

Current State: Docbook environment set up, currently converting EMF tutorial.

Action Items:

  • Convert EMF tutorial
  • Convert AOP in templates tutorial
  • Convert EMF state machines tutorial
  • Convert xTend example
  • Convert UML2 example
  • Convert M2M with UML2 example
  • Convert UML Classic Example
  • Convert Eclipse Integration
  • Convert Workflow Reference
  • Convert Expressions Reference
  • Convert Extend Reference
  • Convert Recipe Referenbce
  • Convert UML2 Adapter Reference
  • Convert RSX Adapter Reference
  • Convert XText Reference
  • Convert built-in API
  • Convert EMFatic documentation
  • Convert UML 2 Ecore reference

Target Release: 4.2

Partner Management

As more and more Eclipse distributions come up, we need to manage integration with them.

Current status: unknown

Action items:

  • Become Yoxos partner
    • Set up general partner page at
    • Provide partner link fromt to yoxos
    • fill out Yoxos Partner application form
  • contact myEclipse

Target release: 4.2

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