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OAW Task Management

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This page is intended as a simple task management list for the oAW project. Note that this is not a replacement for the Bugzilla Bug Database and the Roadmap.

Release 4.1.2

Provide the 4.1.2 release with a number of bug fixes

Current State: Under testing by the team

Action Items:

  • Bernd by March 15: Build 4.1.2 final
  • Markus by March 20: Release to Website for download

Target Release: 4.1.2, obviously

Eclipse Legal Issues

Current State: No CQ started

Action Items:

  • Create CQ's for all 3rd party libs
  • Collect mails form all core contributors
  • Create CQ for our code without generated antlr code

Target Release: not aligned with a release

Responsible person(s)

  • Bernd

Involved person(s)

  • team

AOP for types and extensions

Current state We have an AOP feature for Xpand templates. It would be much more useful to have AOP functionality for all kinds of members, extensions and functions.

Action Items: Add syntax for advices and pointcuts to Xtend. Add semantics (weaving) to the execution context.

Target Release oAW 4.2

Responsible person(s) Sven

Migrate antlr grammars

Current State: Antlr 2.7 is used

Action Items:

  • convert grammars to antlr 3

Target Release: not aligned with a release. As soon as possible (after antlr 3 is legal approved).

Responsible person(s)

  • Arno, Sven

Refactor packages (rename)

Current State: org.openarchitectureware is used as prefix

Action Items:

  • replace org.openarchitectureware with org.eclipse.emf/m2t/t2m/...
  • (provide a compatibility layer?)
  • change shortcut (oaw::...)

Target Release: not aligned with a release, has to be done before switching repositories

Responsible person(s)

  • Bernd

Involved person(s)

  • team

Create a new component within EMF(t)

Current State: We are hosted under GMT

Action Items:

  • Talk to Jean, to close our GMT component
  • Ask Ed to create a new component for us

Target Release: ASAP

Responsible person(s)

  • Bernd, Markus

MagicDraw Integration

Provide a deeper integration with MagicDraw

Current State:

Action Items:

  • Karsten: Discuss with MagicDraw team which kind of integrations is useful

Target Release: tbd

Write an Article for Eclipse Magazine

Current State: Article Written, currently being layouted

Action Items:

  • Markus: Verify Layout

Target Release: N/A


Provide a compiler to generate native Java code from all oAW artifacts to improve performance

Current State: Under Development

Action Items:

  • Arno: Finish Alpha version, release to team for testing

Target Release: 4.2


Provide an interactive debugger for Xpand and Xtend

Current State: Under Development

Action Items:

  • Clemens: Finish Alpha version of Xpand debugger, release to team for testing
  • Bernd: Finish Alpha version of Xtend debugger, release to team for testing

Target Release: 4.2

Nightly/Continuous Build

Create a continuous build with downloadable builds, viewable reports, bug report integration, test execution.

Current State: Nightly build is running on Build machine is internal at itemis, download is public.

Action Items:

  • Coordinate with Bernd

Target Release: Already established, from now on ongoing.

JSR 223 / Scripting

Provide an implementation of the new Java Scripting API for Workflow, Xtend (probably Check and Xpand also?)

Current State: Realized for Workflow.

Action Items:

  • Implementing for Xtend

Target Release: 4.2


Currently, all documentation is written in OpenOffice. Convert it to docbook, so we can produce both PDF and Eclipse online help from this single source.

Current State: Docbook environment set up, currently converting EMF tutorial.

Action Items:

  • Convert EMF tutorial
  • Convert AOP in templates tutorial
  • Convert EMF state machines tutorial
  • Convert xTend example
  • Convert UML2 example
  • Convert M2M with UML2 example
  • Convert UML Classic Example
  • Convert Eclipse Integration
  • Convert Workflow Reference
  • Convert Expressions Reference
  • Convert Extend Reference
  • Convert Recipe Referenbce
  • Convert UML2 Adapter Reference
  • Convert RSX Adapter Reference
  • Convert XText Reference
  • Convert built-in API
  • Convert EMFatic documentation
  • Convert UML 2 Ecore reference

Target Release: 4.2

Partner Management

As more and more Eclipse distributions come up, we need to manage integration with them.

Current status: unknown

Action items:

  • Become Yoxos partner
    • Set up general partner page at
    • Provide partner link fromt to yoxos
    • fill out Yoxos Partner application form
  • contact myEclipse

Target release: 4.2

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