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OAW Screencasts (Planning)

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Since we received a lot of positive feedback for the screencasts Markus recorded for the openArchitectureWare 4.2 release, we thought it might be worthwhile to produce oAW screencasts in a more or less regular way.


Topics we think might be interesting for our users:

  • How to install
  • Model-to-Model Transformations
  • Stdlib
  • Extension Tipps and Tricks
  • Integration with Enterprise Architect
  • Integration with MagicDraw
  • Integration with GMF
  • Detailed overview on the workflow engine
  • Xtext advanced
  • Structure of projects
  • Integration of generators as Eclipse plugin
  • Features of the expression language
  • Creating a workflow component
  • Designing extendable cartridges


This section helps us plan the recording of the screencasts.


Who would be willing to help?

  • Peter: Plan, create samples, record & edit screencasts
  • Markus: Record and edit screencasts
  • Karsten: Create samples, record & edit screencasts
  • Sven: Record and edit screencasts

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