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OAW Roadmap

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Version 5

In Version 5 we want to improve some of the Xtend language concepts and features. Codename is Xtend++ :


The import mechanism should be overworked, so that every import is explicite. We won't need any metamodel configuration in the workflow nor in the editors anymore. This will not only make the setup simpler but will also improve the performance.

The syntax would change to something like the following:

import org:openarchitectureware:Extension; // native import
import EMF "my/package/model.ecore"; // non-native import
import UML "my/test.profile.uml" as profile; // non-native import with name space definition

Native import

A native import refers to another extension file imports all public members (types, functions, extensions).

Non-native Import

A non native import starts with an identifier pointing to an installed adapter. The adapter is responsible for loading and converting the members from the given string. The syntax in the string is defined by the adapter.

Namespace definition

All members are included without namespace information. If you need a namespace you can explicitely define one per import.


The reexport keyword will be supported.

Object construction pattern

We are thinking about a syntax to create model graphs inline. We need this not only for model transformations but also for writing model transformation tests.


new Entity as e {
  name := "Person";
  references += new Reference {
                  name := "partner"
                  type := e


They are just another syntax for invoking a setter resp. adder-operation (which will be removed).

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