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OAW Meetings

oAW developer telco 2007-10-02 oAW developer telco 2008-01-07

oAW developer meeting 2007-10-02 20:00 CEST

Via Skype (host's skype name 'svenefftinge')


Arno Haase

Bernd Kolb

Dieter Moroff

Markus Voelter (not really ;-))

Peter Friese

Sven Efftinge


  1. Xpand/Xtend movement to M2T
  2. Workflow movement to MWE
  3. Textual Modeling Framework (TMF) proposal
  4. Using IMP (formerly known as SAFARI) to implement the oAW IDE
  5. How do we want to manage feature requests / ideas? (Bugzilla / Wiki)?
  6. Create a new version ID in bugzilla?


Regarding MWE and M2T our plan is to create a branch on the SF CVS to support the current 4.2 release and have the opportunity to release minor releases for it. The workflow engine as well as xtend, xpand and recipe will be removed from head and be checked into the respective CVS modules at eclipse (MWE is already checked in).

We want to check Xtend into M2T/common which provides a reusable expression framework and typesystem. This one can be used by other languages (e.g. JET as well). Furthermore we want to clean up our expression framework. This means adding necessary concepts (like real closures, generics) but also removing or changing existing features. We want to stay compatible with the current syntax where possible. The new language core will be designed in a big-up-front process because we think a waterfall is a nice place to be ... aehm no ... we think it's a good idea to come up with a clear spec when designing a new language.

The goal for MWE and M2T is to be a part of the next official release train in june next year. However, it is possible to have official releases before june.


  1. Creation of a branch for 4.2 support in SF CVS (Who: Karsten).
  2. Request for new versions for bugzilla (5.0 for HEAD and 4.2.1 for maintenance branch) (Who: Bernd) - DONE:
  3. Specification of Xtend++ in wiki (Who: Sven and everyone interested) - growing Xtend++ spec
  4. Pushing TMF proposal forward in order to hand it over to PMC at the end of this week (Who: Sven)
  5. creation of a "developer page" in our wiki. Holds information about *how* we work on oAW. This page should also contain a rough guideline of how we handle new subprojects (i.e. that the one who wants to check a new component in should discuss it in the team first, should feel responsible for giving support, fixing bugs, etc.) (Who: Peter)

Other Decisions

  1. we're going to meet every month on first tuesday at 21:00 via skype.

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