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OAW Events

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Tutorial at CodeGeneration 2007 Conference

Name: openArchitectureWare Tutorial When: May 19, 2007 Where: Cambridge, UK Who: Markus Voelter Session Details

This session will provide a brief overview of the openArchitectureWare MDSD tool and related Eclipse-based modelling infrastructure such as EMF and GMF. We will look at model verification, code generation as well as model-to-model transformation. Advanced topics, such as building textual and graphical editors, aspect-oriented modelling and variant management on generator level will also be covered. openArchitectureWare is a complete, industry-strength solution for model-driven development. oAW integrates a number of tool components for all aspects of MDSD into a coherent framework. Where possible, it integrates components from other Eclipse-based, MDD-related projects. The evolution of oAW is driven by the needs of developers implementing MDD in actual projects.

Tutorial ("Power Workshop") at [ Eclipse Forum Europe/JAX 2007 =

Name: MDD with the Eclipse Modeling Tools When: April 27, 2007 Where: Wiesbaden, Germany Who: Markus Völter, Arno Haase, Sven Efftinge, Bernd Kolb

This workshop is an introduction to Model-Driven Software Development (MDSD) using the tools from the Eclipse Modeling Project. We will use the Eclipse Modeling Framework EMF, as well as the solutions for generating code, transforming models and for workflow orchestration. Participants should have a basic understanding of MDSD (terms, concepts). After the workshop, participants will be able to implement MDSD with the Eclipse-based tools we introduce. The workshop is based on a running example to illustrate concepts and tools. Participants are encouraged to bring their own (Windows) Notebook in order to follow the examples hands-on. No tool installation is required in advance, we will bring the respective tooling on CDs.

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