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Salvo Sources

The sources are here

Getting Started

The interesting stuff can be found in the model which classes are declared in

  • IArticle
    Contains the article metadata
  • INewsgroup
    The newsgroup metadata
  • IServer
    the newsserver metadata
  • IServerConnection
    The class that handles i/o with the server. Got from the server by getConnection()
  • IServerStoreFacade
    The class that manages synchronization between the store and the server.
  • IStore
    The place where fetched articles are stored. A filesystem store reference implementation exists.

Other interesting classes are ServerRegex, ISalvoResource, SalvoResourceFactory.

Loading the view

The main view is populated using the GroupView.getInitialInput() method. This triggers the SubscribedServerProvider class which delivers IServers, etcetera. The store implementation bundle should start early to initialize the "store service" (in my case currently a class is initialized) See launch config in application class.

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