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Salvo: The Eclipse Newsreader Project Legal Stuff

I have hijacked this spot to communicate about the Eclipse Newsreader project known as "Salvo". This project has not yet been accepted by the Eclipse community and therefore the EPL does not apply. Until this, all IP rights belong to me, Wim Jongman (let the wiki log be my witness), and even though I am posting code to this site, this does not mean that it is EPL or will ever become EPL but my future intentions are to let you have all the sources.

Free as in beer

However, you are free as in beer to use this software an comment on it. Throw your feature requests and bug reports to

The newsreader project

Here is the RCP application of the newsreader project. Remember, it is still Beta software. You can read, reply an post. Windows only, I have to investigate on how to do build for other platforms. Give me a beep if you require a different platform.



It is pretty simple but here is a five minute instruction without audio - posting new articles does not work in this demo but it does now. send me a mail on or tweet me at @wimjongman if you donwload this. You can send bug requests also to one of these addresses.


The code has a pluggable server and persistance implementation. The reference persistance impl uses the local file system and stuff is stored in a .salvo directory in your home directory.


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