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New Help for Old Friends III

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The following is a summary of changes between WTP 2.0 and 3.0: edit

Common Components

XML/JSP Components

  • Version changes for the following plugins:
The org.eclipse.wst.sse.ui plugin increased its version from 1.0.400 to 1.1.0

Server Component

WebServices and WSDL

  • Web service pop-up category is moved from org.eclipse.jst.ws.consumption.ui to the org.eclipse.wst.ws.ui plugin. Please see bugzilla 202303 for details. This is done to support the move of the Web Services Explorer plugin from the JST to the WST install package.
Adopters will need to change the Web services popop menu path.
From: org.eclipse.jst.ws.atk.ui.webservice.category.popupMenu/popupActions
To: org.eclipse.wst.ws.ui.webservice.category.popupMenu/popupActions
  • Version changes for the following 2 WTP plugins
The org.eclipse.jst.ws.consumption.ui plugin changed it's version from 1.0.205 to 1.1.0.
The org.eclipse.wst.ws.ui plugin changed it's version from 1.0.203 to 1.1.0.



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