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Nebula XViewer Getting Started

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XViewer was intended to be as close to a drop in replacement for the existing TreeViewer supplied by SWT with many advanced features. Included in the XViewer source code is an "example" package with source code that provides examples for getting started.

  • Running XViewer examples
    • Checkout XViewer source code through Nebula CVS repository
    • In Java Package Explorer, expand out org.eclipse.nebula.widgets.xviewer.example
    • Select "MyXviewerTest.java" -> Right-click -> Run-As -> Java Application. This will launch the XViewer example
  • Explanation of Example
    • The model for the example is in the model package. It contains the SomeTask object and a ISomeTask interface. You would replace these with your own classes that are going to be set to input of the XViewer. They do not have to be the same object, but they do need to be handled in the corresponding ContentProvider and LabelProvider.
    • --MyXViewer-- extends XViewer which extends TreeViewer. Your extension allows you to configure and modify XViewer and also still have access to all the default capabilities of the TreeViewer.
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