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Nebula Releng

Revision as of 15:49, 5 April 2009 by Nicolas.richeton.gmail.com (Talk | contribs) (Setup releng project)

Setup releng project

- Checkout org.eclipse.nebula.widgets.gallery.releng

- Create a new plugin : org.eclipse.nebula.widgets.xxx.releng

- Copy all build*.* files to this new plugin

- Edit build.properties.* : replace properties with the right values for your widget :


Note : the build only uses 'build.properties'. Each build.properties.env are specific to a single environnement (includes JAVA paths). You'll have to rename one of these files to 'build.properties' to get the build to work.

- Rename build_gallery*.sh to build_xxx*.sh

- Edit build*.sh


- Copy the folder named 'maps'.

- Rename gallery.map to xxx.map and edit cvs informations for your widget :

List all required plugins (add dependencies if necessary) A feature is required. You may have to create a feature for your plugin. For nighlty build, use the HEAD tag. For release build, use the right tag.

- Commit this plugin to org.eclipse.swt.nebula/releng/org.eclipse.nebula.widgets.xxx.releng

- Comment bug 237588 and ask for scheduling.

Start the build

- Copy build.sh from your releng plugin. Be sure to READ the content of this file (it uses some rm and rsync commands, use comments if you don't want them to run)

- If it's your first build (never downloaded org.eclipse.dash.releng in the writableDirectoryPath) download startup.sh from the dash project and save it in the same path than build.sh

- Start build.sh, it will download the required projects but fail. (this is expected)

- Rename your build.properties.yourenv to build.properties

- Restart build.sh. The build should succeed.