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Nebula Releng

Setup releng project

- Checkout

- Create a new plugin :

- Copy all build*.* files to this new plugin

- Edit* : replace properties with the right values for your widget :


Note : the build only uses ''. Each are specific to a single environnement (includes JAVA paths). You'll have to rename one of these files to '' before starting the build.

- Rename build_gallery*.sh to

- Edit build*.sh


- Copy the folder named 'maps'.

- Rename to and edit cvs informations for your widget :

List all required plugins (add dependencies if necessary) A feature is required. You may have to create a feature for your plugin. For nighlty build, use the HEAD tag. For release build, use the right tag.

- Commit this plugin to org.eclipse.swt.nebula/releng/

- Comment bug 237588 and ask for scheduling.

Start the build

- Copy from your releng plugin. Be sure to READ the content of this file (it uses some rm and rsync commands, use comments if you don't want them to run)

- If it's your first build (never downloaded org.eclipse.dash.releng in the writableDirectoryPath) download from the dash project and save it in the same path than

- Start, if will download the required projects but fail. (this is expected)

- Rename your to

- Restart The build should succeed.

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