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Nebula Gallery Status

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Beta Status

Gallery is labeled as beta for the following reasons :

  • SWT API is not fully implemented : some standard SWT methods may be missing.
  • Community testing : while Gallery works great, it is only used in a few projects at the moment. Community testing and feedback is required to ensure the code can be considered as "Generally Available" level.
  • Renderer API may change while more features are added.
  • The code has to be reviewed by other Nebula and SWT developers before the 1.0 release.


The following applications are known to use the Gallery widget.

ShareMedia : opensource RCP Photo manager

Gallery was a part of this projet before joining Nebula. This is currently the most complete usage of the widget.

The main window uses a Gallery widget with the following settings : SWT.MULTI | SWT.V_SCROLL | SWT.VIRTUAL with DefaultGalleryGroup, DefaultGalleryItem and ListItem renderers. The virtual mode allows instant population with more than 9000 items. Realtime item resizing, auto margins, drop shadows, drag and drop and context menus are used.

The fullscreen slideshow also uses SWT.SINGLE | SWT.V_SCROLL with NoGroupRenderer and DefaultGalleryItemRenderer



The SWT.H_SCROLL flag works but is less tested than V_SCROLL. Since 20070727, horizontal scrolling is supported by both DefaultGaleryGroup and NoGroupRenderers.

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