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Nebula Examples Webstart

This page explains how to generate the Nebula Example application as Webstart

Get Eclipse

To generate the webstart example, you'll need the Eclipse Delta pack to support all SWT platforms. Download the archive from Eclipse downloads and add it the your target platform's plug-in locations in Preferences -> Target Platform. Don't copy the plugins and features in your Eclipse installation, this will not work will recent releases (with p2).

Get the sources

 + all nebula widget projects

Create necessary files

Create keystore for signing the jars :

keytool -genkey -alias nebulawebstart -keyalg RSA -keystore nebula.keystore

Generate Webstart

Export org.eclipse.nebula.examples_webstart from eclipse feature export wizard.

Select :

 - Destination
 - Package as individual jars
 - Export for multiplatforms
 - Sign the JAR archives (fill keystore informations)
 - Create JNLP manifest (fill site URL  site and JRE version : 1.4+)

Press "Next" and select required platforms. Note that when generating for an OS, you had to select ALL architectures(ppc, x86, x86_64), or the application will not start.

Then "Finish"


Edit nebula.jnlp and set the right name for the equinox launcher (depends of your Eclipse version, look for this file in plugins directory)

 <jar href="plugins/org.eclipse.equinox.launcher_1.0.101.R34x_v20080819.jar" />

Edit features/org.eclipse.rcp.<version>.jnlp :

Patch Linux resources : copy all linux resources where arch="x86" and change arch to "i386" (see bug 270421)

Patch Mac resources : copy all Mac resources where arch="x86" and change arch to "i386" (see bug 270949)

Publish Webstart

(You need to publish all files to the right site URL before testing.)

- Copy plugins, features, startup.jar and nebula.jnlp to the target site. (Do it for each platform, this will overwrite some files, but also add each target fragments)

- Launch nebula.jnlp.

Known problems

- Mac OS compatibility : either not working with on java 1.6 or only with java 1.6 + cocoa, but problems (bugs 270948 and 270950)

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