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== Known problems ==
== Known problems ==
   - We get a null pointer exception when starting from webstart.
   - This only generates a JNLP for one single platform
  - startup.jar comes from org.equinox.launcher, but I'm not sure if using only the jar is enough.

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This page explains how to generate the Nebula Example application as Webstart

Get the sources

 + all nebula widget projects

Create necessary files

 - Create keystore for signing the jars : keytool -genkey -alias nebulawebstart -keyalg RSA -keystore nebula.keystore

Generate Webstart

Export org.eclipse.nebula.examples_webstart from eclipse feature export wizard.

Select :

 - Destination
 - Package as individual jars
 - Sign the JAR archives (fill keystore informations)
 - Create JNLP manifest (fill site URL  site and JRE version : 1.4+)

Publish Webstart

(You need to publish all files to the right site URL before testing.)

- Copy plugins, features, startup.jar and nebula.jnlp to the target site.
- Launch nebula.jnlp.

Known problems

 - This only generates a JNLP for one single platform

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