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Nebula Actions

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Nighlty builds

We are ready to provide nighlty build for every widget. We just need that every committer creates a releng plugin for his widgets. This can be done very quickly (say 10 minutes). Read instructions on Nebula_Releng

Note : Every bundle name (plugin label) must end with '(incubation)'

Project plan

We have to provide a project plan. Aside from release planning, each widget have to provide links to committed, proposed and deferred bugzilla items. In order to do this, you need to :

- Add 3 bugzilla search urls to nebula-project-plan.xml

- Add keyword 'plan' to your major bugzilla items and update priorities. For Gallery : P1 = committed, P2/P3 : proposed, P4/P5 : deferred

To edit the project plan, checkout the Nebula website from cvs and edit


This can be done approx. in 30 minutes.

Helpful links :

- Project Plan Documentation : [1]

- Current Nebula project plan : [2]

- Current Nebula project plan as XML: [3]

IP Log

We have to provide an IP log. It automatically generated from bugs attachements having the flag iplog+. We just have to dig bugzilla for patch which were applied to the code and add this flag.

See IP log: [4]


We are very close to provide an offical Webstart example of Nebula widgets, but only 4 widgets currently have their example tab. It is very easy to turn a snippet to an example tab, but if you have some more free time, show your widget at its best.

A bug have been logged for each missing widget. (include bug # here)

Ohloh (Bonus)

The CVS history of Nebula is analysed by ohloh : If each committer adds its name, photo and location, this would provide some nice informations and stats. :)

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