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Nebula Actions

Revision as of 05:27, 9 April 2009 by (Talk | contribs) (Project plan)

Nighlty builds

We are ready to provide nighlty build for every widget. We just need that every committer creates a releng plugin for his widgets. This can be done very quickly (say 10 minutes). Read instructions here [[1]]

Question : the zip files contains "-incubation". Is it enough or do we need to change something else ?

Project plan

We have to provide a project plan. Aside from release planning, each widget have to provide links to committed, proposed and deferred bugzilla items. In order to do this, you need to :

- Add 3 bugzilla search urls to nebula-project-plan.xml

- Add keyword 'plan' to your major bugzilla items and update priorities. For Gallery : P1 = committed, P2/P3 : proposed, P4/P5 : deferred

To edit the project plan, checkout the Nebula website from cvs and edit


This can be done approx. in 30 minutes.

Helpful links :

- Project Plan Documentation : [[2]]

- Current Nebula project plan : [[3]]

- Current Nebula project plan as XML: [[4]]

IP Log

We have to provide an IP log. It automatically generated from bugs attachements having the flag iplog+. We just have to dig bugzilla for patch which were applied to the code and add this flag.


We are very close to provide an offical Webstart example of Nebula widgets, but only 4 widgets currently have their example tab. It is very easy to turn a snippet to an example tab, but if you have some more free time, show your widget at its best.

A bug have been logged for each missing widget. (include bug # here)

Ohloh (Bonus)

The CVS history of Nebula is analysed by ohloh : If each committer adds its name, photo and location, this would provide some nice informations and stats. :)

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