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Release 2.4.0 New and Noteworthy

This is the upcoming Nebula release. It can be consumed from the snapshot repository. You can find the url on the downloads page.


558665 - Stepbar Widget This widget renders a collection of steps, indicating progress/status and possibly errors.

Contributor: Laurent CARON


Widget Title

542812 - Bug description This is the place where the entry is described. It also links to the description of the widget on the wiki page or website.

Contributor: Your Name

Example widget.png

Bugs Fixed in this Release


See 2.4.0 project bugs page or the Bugzilla report Bugs Fixed in Nebula 2.4.0


The following people contributed to this release. In alphabetical order:

Activity cloud (example from release 2.3):
Nebula N&N 2.3 - cloud.png

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