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Release 2.4.0 New and Noteworthy

This is the upcoming Nebula release. It can be consumed from the snapshot repository. You can find the url on the downloads page.


558665 - Stepbar Widget This widget renders a collection of steps, indicating progress/status and possibly errors.

Contributor: Laurent CARON



558569 - Chips Widget This widget is a round-shaped button, that can be used to display information like tags, or used to filter data.

Contributor: Laurent CARON



560004 - New Widget:Add a Carousel This widget is used to manage a list of images. A user can select one by picking an entry or navigating through the list by clicking on arrows.

Contributor: Laurent CARON



558568 - Include "FontAwesome for SWT" in Nebula This utility class allows developers to use FontAwesome icons.

Contributor: Laurent CARON



559863 - New Widget:Timeline The Timeline widget displays a events aligned on a time axis. Events can be grouped into separate rows. Cursors allow to measure timings.

Contributor: Christian Pontesegger


Bugs Fixed in this Release


See 2.4.0 project bugs page or the Bugzilla report Bugs Fixed in Nebula 2.4.0


The following people contributed to this release. In alphabetical order:

  • Christian Pontesegger
  • Conrad Groth
  • Donald Dunne
  • Ed Merks
  • Jack P. Green
  • Karsten Thoms
  • Laurent Caron
  • Wim Jongman

Nebula N&N 2.4 - cloud.png

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