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Release 2.3.0 New and Noteworthy

Badge Label

542812 - Badge This is a new widget that displays badges. A badge is a label with additional information displayed on a corner.

Contributor: Laurent Caron


LED Widget

551779 - LED Widget This is a new widget that displays characters like they were displayed on a led screen.

Contributor: Laurent Caron



552000 - Move to EPL V2 All source code has been adjusted to reflect adoption of the latest version of the EPL, V2.

Bugs Fixed in this Release


See 2.3.0 project bugs page or the Bugzilla report Bugs Fixed in Nebula 2.3.0


The following people contributed to this release. In alphabetical order: To be done

Activity cloud:
Nebula N&N 2.3 - cloud.png

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