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Release 2.0.0 New and Noteworthy


The following people contributed to this release: Ed Merks, Glenn Burkhardt, Heiko Henning, Justin Dolezy, Lars Vogel, Laurent Caron, Matthias Paul Scholz, Mirko Paturzo, Peter Chang, Rodrigo Cantu Polo, Svyatoslav Kovalsky, Tu Ton and Wim Jongman.

Nebula N&N 2.0 - cloud.png


525836 - Highlighting restored to CDateTime Due to a retired internal SWT project, selection highlighting was broken on CDateTime.

Contributor: Glenn Burkhardt

Nebula N&N 1.5 - hghlight.gif


529842 - Fixed SWTException when disposing Gallery immediately after scrolling Fixed a source of a "Widget is disposed" exception, which was particularly easy to trigger when using ScrollingSmoother.

Contributor: Justin Dolezy

529912 - Fixed NullPointerExceptions when traversing across empty groups in Gallery When navigating using the keyboard across an expanded empty group, NullPointerExceptions would occur. Specifically, when traversing down from one group through the empty group into the next group below, and aslo left from the first element of a group through the empty group to the last element of the previous group.

Contributor: Justin Dolezy


Bug 530002 - Performance enhancements for Grids with a large number of columns Adding columns to the Grid had a penalty on performamce.

Contributor: Mirko Partuzo


420422- Opal We have included 26 of the Opal widgets into Nebula.

Contributor: Laurent Caron

Bugs Fixed in this Release

See 2.0.0 project bugs page or the Bugzilla report Bugs Fixed in Nebula 2.0.0

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