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(Meeting Januari 2012)
(Meeting Januari 2012)
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== Meeting Januari 2012 ==
== Meeting Januari 2012 ==
[  Meeting Planner]
[  Meeting Planner] <br/>
[ Meeting Planner Admin]]
Topics for this meeting:
Topics for this meeting:

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Meeting Januari 2012

Meeting Planner
Meeting Planner Admin]

Topics for this meeting:

  • Nebula Project Split
  • Build

Meeting 12 dec 2011

present: Tom Schindl, Wim Jongman, Edwin Park, Mickael Istria

  • General
    • The build is running
    • The download page is live again
  • Structure of Nebula
    • We decided to create a separate project for the NatTable. Wim will guide the restructure process. This process is needed to allow sub projects in Nebula. We will try to create a top level project "Nebula" that can also hold projects. If this is not possible then we will have to come up with a name for the top level mature releases projects (proper, constellation, ..) The following projects will be created as sub projects of Nebula. It is unclear if they all need their own repo. NatTable will get its own git repo.
      • Nebula Incubation
      • Nebula
      • NatTable
    • Edwin will propose the NatTable project to the EMO
  • Sub Projects
    • sub projects will get their own repo and can maintain their own release schedule. It is mandatory for the Sub projects to follow the Nebula rules. These rules must still be defined.
  • Release Schedule
    • We will follow the Eclipse release cycle if 1 big release and two maintenance releases. All sub projects must add their project to the Nebula release train.
    • If we support the current release and one release back we need to comply with the API of the previous release. Do we want this or not is to be discussed on the mailing list.
    • Java version 1.6 can be used for development. Java version 7 is discouraged at the moment.
  • Website
    • we could use some fancy site like xtext
  • git
    • Wim and Mickael will take care of the move to git. This will happen in a few days.
  • organize a meeting once every month or so

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