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Nebula/Contributions/Setup IDE

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Get your Eclipse Credentials

To provide patches to Nebula, create an Eclipse account, get your Gerrit password and push your changes to the Gerrit git repo.

Create an Eclipse Account

Create an Eclipse Account (or use your existing one)

Sign the CLA

Sign the CLA

Access to Gerrit

When you push to our Gerrit repo you have to do that with your Gerrit user and password, not with your Eclipse password. To set your Gerrit password with your Eclipse account and then generate a password to get access to Gerrit when you are pushing a change.

Get your Gerrit password here

Alternatively, you can upload your SSH key here.

Three Ways to Setup Your IDE

To setup your IDE there are three possibilities. Using Oomph is the easiest for newcomers.

  1. Use Oomph
  2. Import our PSF file
  3. Setup manually

Import with Oomph

Use the Eclipse installer or, if you have already installed Oomph, use the Oomph import wizard and select Nebula. If Nebula is not in the list, add this setup file.

Import our PSF File

Copy and paste this file into a file.psf inside an eclipse project select it and use "Import Project Set..." from the context menu.


Clone the GIT Repo Manually

The Nebula repository settings can be found here

 C:\>git clone

Change the Push URI

Finally you need to change the target ref for push. It should change from /refs/heads/master to /refs/for/master. The config file should look like this (use properties on the repository context menu in Eclipse)

[remote "origin"]
     url =
     fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*
     fetch = refs/notes/*:refs/notes/*
     pushurl =
     push = HEAD:refs/for/master 

You can also use "Gerrit Configuration..." in Eclipse to do this:


Start Eclipse

Open your Eclipse IDE and open the Git perspective

Add Local Git Repo

Add a local Git repository and find your freshly created repo

Configure Gerrit

Open Remotes/origin and open the context menu. Select Gerrit Configuration.

Nebula ide1.png

Review and press Finish

Nebula ide2.png

Import Projects

If you did not use the psf file then you have to use git to import the relevant projects. Import the widgets you want to work on from the widgets directory and import the first two example projects from the example directory.

Nebula proj 1.png

Run Eclipse

Create a new run configuration and press Run

Nebula ide3.png

Open Nebula Perspective

Open the Nebula perspective and find the example view for your widget and test your changes. You can also test your changes by using the widget in a snippet or in your own project.

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