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Nebula uses Maven Tycho to run its build


Nebula has 2 separate projects : Release for stable widgets and Incubation for widgets which are work in progress or unmaintained.

Running these build requires to check-out the full Nebula repository, to go into the selected build folder and run. For example:

 cd releng/org.eclipse.nebula.nebula-release
 mvn verify (or install to install in the local maven repo)
 cd releng/org.eclipse.nebula.nebula-incubation
 mvn verify (or install to install in the local maven repo)

Note: adding the integration-test parameter runs tests from test-bundles which might fail when running outside of the hudson build environment.

Building an individual widget requires that Nebula is installed in the local maven repo. Then run the build in the widget main directory. E.g:

cd widgets/geomap
mvn verify

jar files are then available in the target folder.


These jobs are set up to run after the repository has changed

From this page, you can see build results, download jars and view java doc.

All successful builds are uploaded immediately to the snapshot location.


The latest snapshot and release locations can be found here.

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