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[[Nebula_Gallery_FAQ]] : Frequently Asked Questions
[[Nebula_Gallery_FAQ]] : Frequently Asked Questions
== CWT  ==
=== CWT  ===
Common code for custom widgets :  
Common code for custom widgets :  

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Nebula Project

Supplemental Custom Widgets for SWT (and more)

The Nebula project is a source for custom SWT widgets and other UI components.


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Nebula_Gallery_Explained : How does the Gallery widget work and how to write a custom renderer

Nebula_Gallery_Status : Why is Gallery labeled as Beta

Nebula_Gallery_FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions


Common code for custom widgets :

Nebula CWT Animation : Quick overview of the animation package included in CWT.


Overview and Features

Nebula_XViewer_Getting_Started : XViewer examples and explanation.

Developer resources

Nebula_Actions : List of current issues requiring committer action.

Nebula_Setup : Project set and instructions

Nebula_Builds : Overview of Nebula builds with Maven Tycho, on Hudson or locally

Nebula_Examples_Webstart : How to generate examples as webstart.

IP Log

The IP log is automatically generated from bugzilla[1].


Nebula_Releng : How to set up the build process for Nebula project with Athena CBI (old way of building).