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==Repository Task Data==
==Repository Task Data==
===Refactoring Objectives===
* Task Data Refactoring
** Currently not nomalized
*** repository configuration options stored in same file
*** Configuration data is being updated upon load anyway
** Presentation information such as hidden/readonly status fields being persisted  (put with configuration?)
** Operations being included
**Task Data Externalization
*** Switch to XML
*** Possibly use IMemento
*** Separate files vs. one BIG file
*** Consider zipping all the individual xml files together into one zip file (similar to Open Office file format ODF)
* Lazy loading
** currently loaded at tasklist load time
** Could just have a flag indicating the existence of an offline file rather than load the data
** What does this break?
===Proposed XML Serialization===
<TaskData version="1.0" taskId="1" repositoryUrl="" repositoryKind="Bugzilla" modifiedTs="timestamp">
<Attribute id="...priority" modifiedTs="timestamp" author="rob.elves">
<Comment hasAttachment="true" attachmentId="1">
  <Attribute id="">
    My new comment
<Attachment id="1" isObsolete="false">
  <Attribute id="...attachment_date">
*Another option is to use Lucene as a data store
==Repository Configuration==
===Refactoring Objectives===
** (option 1) Leave as responsibility of connector assuming a contract:
***Provide IMemento upon startup as an option?
***Remote configuration gathered periodically
***Always available (even if repository is deleted, configuration sticks)
***Given a configuration folder within .mylar to persist data (not ideal)
***Task data combined with configuration upon presentation rather than persistence
** (option 2) XML externalization
***Available options per id (ie. taskdata.priority --> P1, P2, P3...)
***Available options given a specific product selection <Attribute id="taskdata.components"><Value>Bugzilla</Value><Value>Core</Value>
***Hidden/readonly status for attributes?
===Proposed XML Serialization===
<GeneralOptions id="...products" hidden="false" readonly="false">
<Product name="Mylar">
  <Options id="....os">
    <Value default="true">Windows XP</Value>

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Repository Task Data

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