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Mylyn Meetings/EclipseCon2013BoF

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Web, March 27, 8-9pm ET -- EclipseCon Seaport Ballroom A

"In this informal BoF session we'll brainstorm around high-level technical issues, with a focus on future architecture. Committers, contributors, consumers and most importantly users are encouraged to share their experiences with Mylyn to drive further innovation. For example, the Mylyn Reviews and R4E team will share what we've learned in our model-focused work. Please contact the organizers if you'd like to make an informal technical presentation or suggest other topics for discussion."

Related Sessions

  1. Mik's Kersten Wednesday10:30 in Cityview 2 Building Mylyn 4.0 BoF Participants are especially encouraged to attend
  2. Miles Parker, Sebastien Dubois Thursday 28 March 3:00-3:35 Cityview 2 Beyond Gerrit: Performing Rich Reviews with Eclipse Mylyn
  3. Alex Lagarde Thursday 28 March 11:00 - 11:35 Cityview 2 Stop throwing your doc away: Agile Documentation with Mylyn Intent

Proposed Agenda

This is a tentative agenda only. Please talk to Benny, Miles or a project lead if you'd like to propose other changes.

Future Architecture


What Technologies and Dependencies are we likely to use? For example:

  1. E4 / 4.0.0 only?
  2. Common EMF models
  3. Dependency Injection?
  4. Others..?


This is an opportunity for committers, contributors, consumers and users to briefly share their practical experiences working with items below. Please feel free to add yourself to either section below.

Proposed adopted technologies such as E4, EMF, etc..

Reviews and EMF -- Sebastien Dubois, Miles Parker

New functionality, such as core technology extensions



An opportunity to introduce potential API evolution and issues in detail, perhaps migrating to bar at session close.

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