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== Interested Parties ==
== Interested Parties ==
'''Please add yourself and comment via {{bug|404270}}'''
''Please add yourself and comment via {{bug|404270}}''

Latest revision as of 10:42, 25 March 2013

WORKING DRAFT, comment via bug 404270


The Goal of the m4 project is to create frameworks and APIs that create a discontinuous evolution of the Mylyn data model in order to support a common Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) model and tool implementations for Software Lifecycle Integration (SLI).


The initial project scope includes:

  • Open implementation of the SLI data model
  • Bridge to Mylyn models: Tasks, Sources, Reviews, Builds
  • Interoperability APIs for open standards (REST, OSLC/OASIS, Lyo)
  • Focus on run-time deliverables (vs. client side Mylyn)
  • Mylyn model support for cloud IDEs



  • Social task model
    • Java and REST APIs
    • Evolution of org.eclipse.mylyn.tasks API with links to ALM artifacts (..mylyn.versions, ..mylyn.builds, ..
  • TCK to validate connectors
  • OSLC integration (via Eclipse Lyo)

Interested Parties

Please add yourself and comment via bug 404270

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