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Creole support for Mylyn WikiText HOW-TO

Creole is "a common wiki markup language to be used across different wikis. It's not replacing existing markup but instead enabling wiki users to transfer content seamlessly across wikis, and for novice users to contribute more easily.".

Unfortunately Mylyn WikiText doesn't ship with Creole syntax support by default. However thanks to Igor Malinin's contribution that has been integrated into "WikiText Extras" feature we can enjoy all WikiText features and stay writing in Creole syntax.

  1. Go to Help / Install new software...
  2. Click on Add button and fill repository URL into Location field as http://download.eclipse.org/mylyn/snapshots/nightly/docs/ (name it as you want e.g. "Mylyn WikiText nightly").
  3. After a monent check Mylyn WikiText Extras feature and proceed with Next button.
  4. Agree with licence and so on.
  5. During installation you will be asked to confirm install unsigned content. Continue with OK button.
  6. Restart Eclipse IDE
  7. Create new file with .creole file extension and you are done.