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Mylyn WikiText

Mylyn WikiText provides an extensible framework and tools for parsing, editing and presenting lightweight markup:

  • Editor for wiki files using a source editor paradigm with preview
  • Mylyn task editor integration making the task editor markup-aware for displaying and editing markup
  • Ant Tasks for converting markup to other formats
  • API a framework and API for handling lightweight markup

WikiText has parsers for MediaWiki, Textile, Confluence, TracWiki and TWiki markup, and can be extended to support other languages. WikiText provides Ant tasks for converting lightweight markup to HTML, Eclipse Help, DocBook, DITA and XSL-FO. WikiText also provides an editor for editing such markup within Eclipse, and integrates with the Mylyn task editor causing it to be markup-aware. WikiText provides API for integrating wiki markup capabilities into Eclipse, RCP, stand-alone and server-side applications.


Mylyn WikiText can be installed into Eclipse or used stand-alone. WikiText can be installed in one of the following ways:

  • Using an Eclipse update site: for using WikiText within Eclipse
  • As a stand-alone download: for using WikiText as a set of Ant tasks or for integrating WikiText within your stand-alone or server-side application

Stable releases are made available as well as weekly builds that include the latest features and bug fixes.

See Mylyn Downloads for the package that best suits your needs.


Mylyn WikiText has a user guide and a developer guide. These documents are periodically published online at [1], thought the most up-to-date versions are provided when WikiText is installed. Other articles, documents and guides are available; see the WikiText FAQ for details.

WikiText Links


We're interested in any feedback that you might have. For patches, enhancement requests, bugs: post an issue under Tools/Mylyn/WikiText.

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