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Mylyn/UI Nits

Use this document for UI items that are very minor or require discussion before being resolved via bug reports.


  • Change task editor incoming/conflict highlight color to be more pronounced.

Task List

  • Add Alt+Click tip to Focus on Active Task button tooltip
  • Consider adding Navigate actions (e.g. Open Repository Task) to Task List view menu
  • Due dates not currently not settable from context menu in task list
  • Tooltip: Synched vs. completed is confusing


  • Don't show notification for new bug reports submitted by user

Task Editor

  • Assign to needws content assist in New Task Editor
  • Update Attributes option (button) should be available in Task Editor header
  • Render context attachments 'comments' in Bugzilla as links to activate context or thumbnails, not comments.
  • If the Description of a repository task is editable, no border is drawn to indicate this in the editor
  • The Summary text field of a repository task editor is always editable even if the repository task attribute is read only.
  • "Add To Task List" only appears in the context menu on the editor of an opened repository task if you have a category in your tasklist (can't add to root)

Planning Editor

  • Category selection should be available within Task Planning editor

Bugzilla Connector

  • Search page too small with clean workspace settings?
  • Proxy settings section expanded when shouldn't be for new Task Repository?


146964: editor hyperlink parsing problems and suggestions
  • Depending on connector hyperlink detection is slightly different. Should unify so that same patters work among all connectors: bug#123, task#123, task 123, #123
  • Hyperlinks opening synchronously
  • Additional patterns:
    • #XXXX
  • Comment linking bug#164221
  • bla blah JiraWebIssueService$2.execute( still linking preceeding text where only class:line in brackets should be linked
  • Hyperlinks should have the task's summary as the tooltip (Eclipse hyperlink limitation here?)
  • Premature hyperlink termination:
  • Avoid spell checking hyperlinks

Recommended Preferences

  • Automatically disable Platform URL hyperlink detector.
  • Remove default linking from prefs?


There should be no synchronous repository communication. Cases that could still be left:

  • Contact attach/retrieve.
  • Download of repository configuration after new bug created with no previous query.

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