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== Bug list ==
== Bug list ==
* [ 178883]

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Project lead:

  • Jevgeni Holodkov


  • Mik Kersten


This is about Mylar synchronous context sharing among team members by means of Mylar and ECF integration. The goal of such context sharing is to provide more seamless knowledge sharing process, allow sharing context synchronous even if the used connector does not support context sharing or no connectors used at all.

The synchronous context sharing means that it is possible to share context on fly with a friend who is currently online and you are discussing some issue. It will be possible to create a task for new context or assign this context to an existing one.

Technically, the solution will use ECF to handle all communication details. I will try to employ current Mylar’s context sharing functionality. This solution will provide SWT-based user-interface for context sharing and I will also include the rainy scenarios handling, such as “no connection with friend” or “file resources are out of sync”.

Bug list

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