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Mylyn/SOC/2007/Mylyn Plug-in for DrProject

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Student: Xiaoyang Guan
Mentor: Greg Wilson


Most professional programmers now use an IDE like Eclipse, and many Computer Science students have also adopted it. Most professionals and open source developers also rely on web-based project management portals such as SourceForge, Jira, and Trac. These are still not commonly used in classrooms, but projects like DrProject are working to change that. DrProject is a fork of Trac that has been customized for classrooms use; it is now being used in several courses at two universities, and is being evaluated by several others.

At present, most developers have to switch from their IDE to a browser in order to file or view bugs, edit wiki pages, and so on. One prominent exception is the Mylar project, which has been working since 2003 to provide a view inside Eclipse that allows programmers to see and update shared information, particularly from bug tracking systems like Bugzilla. The aim of this project is to bring that capability into the classroom by using Mylar to create a bridge between DrProject and Eclipse. This integration will allow students to perform the management on the repositories in DrProject directly in Eclipse.

In addition, as an enhancement to Mylar, this project will provide wiki integration. This involves providing mechanisms for rich editing and viewing of task repository comments in wiki format, potentially adding wiki editing.


Wiki Integration

The first primary goal is to support wiki formatting in task editor. This will be carried out based on the current Trac connector in Mylar. (see bug#184904)

Use Cases

  • Provide a HTML-based widget for rendering wiki-formatted text. This might involve writing a simple wiki rendering engine as a prototype. Limitation of HTML is that we can’t link to structured elements within Eclipse (e.g. Java elements in stack traces, other tasks). [EK that is not necessary true. if you create hyperlinks then you can navigate to the appropriate elements]
  • Provide a rich/styled text widget that renders the basic wiki syntax, provides rich editing, but has wiki formatting underneath so that the Trac server gets wiki text. Benefit is that this can fully link to elements within Eclipse.
  • Make it easy to paste links to Mylar tasks within wikis. This could be done by having the Copy Details action take templates similar to Mylar’s Commit Comment Templates, and specify a good default template for wiki formatting, e.g. [<url> <id>: <summary>]
  • Provide button widgets for automatically inserting wiki markup characters in input text, the same as those in the web-based interface, and a preview button that renders the ticket preview. This provides similar user experience as using the web-based interface. [EK those should be regular actions that can be bound to shortcut keys and shown on some toolbar]
  • Provide content assistant similar to that in Eclipse Java IDE that facilitates editing wiki markup syntax.

Bug List

  • integrate Trac wiki with Mylar (190891)
  • Provide wiki editing facilities in task editor (184904)
  • Manage Mylar Plugin for DrProject GSOC project (185781)

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