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Mylyn/SOC/2007/Improve Mylyn's New User Experience

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This project is part of Google Summer of Code 2007

Student: Balazs Brinkus (
Mentor: Mik Kersten


The project's goal is to write a plug-in which presents for the new users Mylar from the basics to the every days use. And for the other users it will help too with the built-in help.

Primary goals


Glass.gif Needs some investigation

Progress.gif Patch in progress

Ok green.gif Bug fixed / Feature added


Manage new eux GSOC project and the Bugzilla query .

Progress.gif Associate plugins with task repositories and products (P2) (see bug 150278).

Progress.gif Create universal intro content (P2) (see bug 185836).

Glass.gif Add ability to attach images from clipboard (see bug 160572).

Glass.gif Integrate mechanism for reporting bugs (see bug 183606).

Glass.gif Add templates for common and recommended queries (see bug 183948).

Glass.gif Allow import/export and cloning of queries (see bug 189514).

Glass.gif Prompt users to create an account or set credentials if repository automatically added (see bug 175205).

Glass.gif Importing/promote/convert Eclipse todo tags/markers items to become tasks (see bug 136298).

Progress.gif Don't open a dialog when Mylar starts for the first time (see bug 187880).

Glass.gif Create new task list query from search results (P4) (see bug 172699).

Glass.gif Clean up default perspective settings (P4) (see bug 188191).

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