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Mylyn/SOC/2006/Trac Connector

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Mylar Trac Connector

The goal of this Summer of Code project is to provide a Trac connector plug-in for Mylar. Trac is a web-based issue tracking system with an integrated wiki.

The Mylar API already supports multiple issue tracking systems, therefore the existing abstraction can be used to implement a Trac connector. Trac issues can be accessed remotely through an query script that outputs tab-delimited text as well as through an XML-RPC interface. The XML-RPC interface has not yet been integrated into the main distribution of Trac but is available as a separate plug-in.

The project will be accomplished in two iterations:

1. Iteration: Web linking only repository integration trough Trac's tab-delimited ticket query script

  • Support for repository queries in task list view

This will work with existing Trac deployments through the custom query script. The output is available in multiple formats including tab-delimited text (sample output). It contains id, summary, status, owner, type, priority and component of tickets. This information will be used for read-only display in Mylar. A web-browser will be used for editing of tickets.

2. Iteration: Full integration based on the Trac XML-RPC plug-in

  • Authoring of reports within native Eclipse editor
  • Offline editing

In the second iteration support for Trac's XML-RPC interface will be implemented. The XML-RPC interface is distributed as a separate Trac plug-in and requires a Trac build from the subversion repository. The XML-RPC interface allows full featured access to all ticket information and allows manipulation of tickets. The editing of tickets will be done through Eclipse forms.


The project is hosted here.

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