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Mylyn/Reviews/Gerrit 2.6

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Revision as of 11:55, 5 July 2013 by (Talk | contribs) (What needs to be done)

Here are my findings from trying to setup Gerrit 2.6 with Mylyn Reviews (while tackling bug 395059)

Glimpse at the code

  • The connector already uses some REST API, e.g. for querying changes
  • Form based login (GET /login/mine with creds set) still works, the login cookie seems to be properly set. The client is asked to redirect (302), but it looks this can be safely ignored. Providing invalid creds results in an auth failure, good.
  • GerritClient (used for calling RPC API) expects JSON responses: see org.eclipse.mylyn.internal.gerrit.core.client.GerritService.invoke(Object, Method, Object[])
  • Current support for different Gerrit versions:
    • there are places where GerritClient fallbacks to REST e.g. calling GerritClient#executeQueryRest from GerritClient#queryMyReviews
    • OTOH, there is a fallback to Gerrit <=2.2.1 in GerritClient#getVisibleProjects(IProgressMonitor, GerritConfig)
    • it looks like the client cannot decide if fallbacks should be used for supporting newer or older versions of Gerrit

Running tests

  • Some tests fail because getVisibleProjects (RPC) gets "Invalid xsrfKey in request" response while refreshing repo config
  • Tests from GerritReviewRemoteFactoryTest and PatchSetRemoteFactoryTest fail waiting for a response

Using the connector with Gerrit 2.6

  • validating repo as anonymous: {"jsonrpc":"2.0","id":1,"error":{"code":-32603,"message":"No such service method"}}
  • getting configuration before creating a new query: the client tries to parse an HTML page in GerritClient.refreshGerritConfig(IProgressMonitor), and fails as it gets a 302 page in Gerrit 2.6
  • if I ignore the error about config not available I'm able to create a query but get an NPE (quick fixed in
  • ^^^ should I be able to do that in the first place?

Comments on Gerrit 2.6 Release Notes

Incompatibilities introduced by the new REST API:

"The structure of the AuditEvent has been extended to support the new name-multivalue pairs used in the REST API. This is breaking compatibility with the 2.5 API as it changes the params data type, this is needed anyway as the previous list of Objects was not providing all the necessary information of "what relates to what" in terms of parameters info."

"Remove support for deprecated --format option when listing changes. Querying changes via REST is now always producing JSON output."

The latter has been already fixed in

More info:

ID changes, mentioned by Shawn on bug 395059:

I think it's safe to assume that RPC API should still be operational and it's the REST API (urls and JSON objects) that needs to be taken care of. However, my guess is that the RPC interface is going to be dropped once the REST API is stable, so we should be using it wherever possible.

Draft review

...with quick and dirty fixes

Applying the changes gives a semi-functional connector: I'm able to create a Gerrit 2.6 repo as anonymous and add a query. I can even open a review editor with some UI bits properly populated: e.g. can see Change Sets and files in them. There's still a bunch of NPE flying around and authentication looks totally broken.

What the patch covers:

  1. switches RPC interface from /gerrit/rpc to /gerrit_ui/rpc (no backward compatibility!)
  2. runs queries even when format paramater is not supported already fixed in
  3. avoids NPE in GerritReviewRemoteFactory since gerrit config cannot be retrieved
  4. turns testPerformQueryAnonymous and testGetAccountAnonymous tests green

What needs to be done

For 2.0.1

  • Fix authentication: it looks that the xsrfToken (which was a copy of the cookie value) is gone in 2.6. It has been replaced with X-Gerrit-Auth
  • not able to retrieve server configuration,
    • even as anonymous user. it does not work for 2.4 either bug 412102
  • Ok green.gif remote usage of deprecated format query parameter
  • Progress.gif find out the Gerrit version (was: Parsing HTML and getting Gerrit config from HTML page no longer works in 2.6), here is a better way of doing this, thx Shawn,
  • Update expected JSON objects in responses
  • ... same for JSON objects sent in requests
  • provide those implementations
  • Glass.gif not sure if it makes much sense, as it's basically testing Gerrit not Reviews, but we could consider adding some simple tests parsing JSON responses (to detect breaking changes early)
  • ...

For 2.1

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