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This page described the process of simplifying the Mylyn project structure. Basically, all projects will be grouped below the Mylyn top-level project. The new structure becomes flat. Projects with overlapping committers should be merged into one (where possible).

Proposed Structure

  • Task Focused Interface (unifies Builds, Commons, Context, Reviews, Tasks, and Versions)
  • Wikitext (extracted from Docs)
  • Intent (move out of docs)
  • VEX (move out of docs)
  • Incubator (as it is today)
  • Model Focusing Tools (move out of sub-structure)

Candidates for archival (discuss with committers):

  • R4E
  • ePub (from Docs)
  • HTMLText (from Docs)

The most significant simplification is the merge of a lot projects into TFI. This should greatly reduce the release overhead. They are all developed and released together today anyway. However, separate documentation must be prepared given the old structure.

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