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Mylyn/Restructuring/Top-Level-Rename 2015

Rename Mylyn Top Level Project Proposal

This document is a proposal to rename the Mylyn Top Level Project.

Problem Statement

Mylyn exists as a set of Eclipse projects which are producing software which can be installed in Eclipse. Mylyn also exists as an Eclipse top-level project which is supposed to provide a common home for Eclipse projects building software in/for the ALM space.

The Mylyn top-level project failed to attract ALM related projects at Eclipse (such as EGit, Subversive, Hudson). Some existing contributors do not want to use Mylyn technology and do not want to be hosted under the Mylyn brand (eg., the EGerrit proposal).


Mylyn the top-level project will be renamed to Lifecycle Tools (lifecycle), dropping the Mylyn brand.

This rename should express that participation in the Lifecycle Tools project is not about adopting the Mylyn technology. Each participating project is expected to nominate a representative to the Lifecycle Tools PMC. Representative shall participate in all regular PMC activities.


The Lifecycle Tools Top-Level Project is a home for Eclipse projects focusing on the needs of application lifecycle management. The range of projects include tools for accessing task, build information and source code from within the Eclipse IDE as well as non Eclipse specific tools for addressing topics such as build and deployment automation, release engineering and application documentation.

New top-level Lifecycle Tools project

  • Mylyn (subprojects merged, MFT & R4E archived, see 2015 Restructuring)
  • Intent
  • WikiText
  • VEX

Candidates that will be considered in the future (after the rename):

  • EGit
  • JGit
  • Subversive
  • Hudson
  • Tycho
  • M2E
  • EGerrit

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