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Mylyn/Release Howto

Before the Release

* Backport changes to the 3.3 branch

The Release

* Change the qualifier to v20YYMMDD-HHMM in all MANIFEST.MF and feature.xml files
* Tag the release as R_x_y_z and R_x_y_y_e_3_3
* Make sure the build uses the correct qualifier (?)
* Build the release by running the org.eclipse.mylyn.releng/build.sh script
* Upload the release by running the org.eclipse.mylyn.releng/upload.sh script
* Move the release to the main update site

When the build has propagated to mirrors

* Add the mirror attribute to all site.xml files:

After the release

* Replace version numbers in all MANIFEST.MF and feature.xml files, e.g. 2.3.0.qualifier -> 2.3.1.qualifier
* Make sure changes are applied to the 3.3 branch as well as the 3.4 branch