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Mylyn/Release Howto

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Before the Release

  • Run AllTests
  • Update the user guide from the wiki
    • Run org.eclipse.mylyn.help.ui/build-helper.xml as an Ant Build (ensure sandbox/org.eclipse.mylyn.wikitext* is checked out into your workspace)
    • Review the user guide and commit changes to CVS
  • Backport changes to the 3.3 branch
    • Update 3.3 workspace to the latest
    • Select branched plug-ins
    • Team > Merge
      • end tag: HEAD
      • start tag: Merged_e_3_3_m_3_x
      • select Preview the merge in the synchronize perspective
    • Merge changes and resolve conflicts
    • Tag branched plug-ins in 3.4 workspace (i.e. cvs head) with Merged_e_3_3_m_3_x
      • select Move tag if already exists

The Release

Major releases only

  • Tag the release as R_x_y_z and R_x_y_y_e_3_3

  • Build the release:
ssh releng@mylyn.eclipse.org
cd weekly

# for major releases set QUALIFIER to v2008...:
emacs local.sh
./build.sh -rebuild

# for milestone releases use auto generated version:
  • Upload the release:
./upload.sh [username]
  • Prompts twice for password, if the second login times out:
./upload.sh [username] -extract

  • Sign the release (e.g. major=3.0.2, build=v20080815-2300)
ssh [username]@build.eclipse.org
cd /shared/tools/mylyn/weekly
./sign-update-site.sh [major] [build]
  • If signing times out rerun the ./sign-update-site.sh script it will resume the signing
  • The version in the update archive is now signed

Major releases only

  • Move the release from the weekly site to the main update site:
ssh [username]@build.eclipse.org
cd /shared/tools/mylyn/weekly
./promote.sh [major] [build]
  • Update the version number on the download page
  • Create a new section in the download archive
  • Create a new section in the New & Noteworthy

Ganymede releases only

  • Copy build to ganymede update site:
ssh [username]@build.eclipse.org
cd ~/downloads/tools/mylyn/update-archive/[major]/[minor]
cp -a e3.4/* extras/ incubator/ *-e3.4.zip ~/downloads/tools/mylyn/update/ganymede
  • Update mylyn.sc file

When the build has propagated to mirrors

Major releases only

  • Add the mirror attribute to all site.xml files and regenerate meta-data with correct update site identifiers:
ssh [username]@build.eclipse.org
cd /shared/tools/mylyn/weekly
  • Check that the site.xml files have the following URL set:

After the release

Major releases only

  • For head and e3.3 branch: Replace version numbers in all MANIFEST.MF and feature.xml files, e.g. 2.3.0.qualifier -> 2.3.1.qualifier and 2.3.0.mylynQualifier -> 2.3.1.mylynQualifier
  • Make sure changes are applied to the 3.3 branch as well as the 3.4 branch