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Mylyn/Promotion of Products Built on Mylyn

This page is a draft pending approval of the PMC.

Any company that makes a product that builds on Eclipse Mylyn can request that the product be promoted with an image on the Mylyn project web page, provided the following criteria are met:

  • The company must have made substantial contributions to the Mylyn project.
  • The company must employ at least one active Mylyn contributor or committer.
  • The product must be built on Mylyn. That is, it must contain additional functionality beyond what exists in Mylyn that is built using Mylyn APIs.
  • The product must be supported by the company. That is, there must be a channel through which users of the product can request and receive support.

A request to be included on the project page should be made by opening a bug with a summary like "add <Product Name> to the Mylyn project page." The bug should provide evidence that the above criteria are met.

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