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Mylyn/Porting Guide

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Revision as of 11:35, 17 March 2007 by (Talk | contribs) (Tasks Framework)

This document will have Mylar 2.0 specific API changes added to it as we make them. If interested in keeping up with these changes we suggest setting a watch for this page.

Porting from Mylar 1.0 to 2.0


  • All library dependencies have moved
  • MylarStatusHandler and IStatusHandler
    • moved from org.eclipse.mylar.context.core to org.eclipse.mylar.core

Tasks Framework

.....updates in progress.....

  • ITaskListExternalizer
    • readTask(..) renamed to createTask(..), no longer needs to set taskId, label, or repositoryUrl
  • DelegatingTaskExternalizer
    • readTaskInfo(..) and readQueryHitInfo(..) are now called automatically and are private. Use your createTask(..) or createQueryHit(..) methods to customize reading additional attributes.
  • Task .....updates in progress
    • handleIdentifier: now private
    • get/setUrl are now get/setTaskUrl (to disambiguate with get/setRepositoryUrl())
  • AbstractRepositoryTask .....updates in progress
    • getIdLabel() -> getTasKey()
    • constructor changed
    • getLastRefreshTimeInMinutes(Date) removed
    • no more static methods (use RepositoryTaskHandleUtil)
    • Replace this idiom:
   String handleIdentifier = AbstractRepositoryTask.getHandle(repository.getUrl(), taskId);
   ITask task = TasksUiPlugin.getTaskListManager().getTaskList().getTask(handle);
    • with:
   ITask task = TasksUiPlugin.getTaskListManager().getTaskList().getTask(repository.getUrl(), taskId);
  • AbstractQueryHit
    • setDescription(..) renamed to setSummary(..)
  • AbstractRepositoryConnectorUi
    • openRemoteTask(String repositoryUrl, String id): removed, this method no longer needs to be implemented by the connector. Instead classes can rely on the new openRepositoryTask(..) method, and override it if necessary.
    • getRepositoryUrl and all ID/URL methods: now final, change via setters
    • + findHyperlinks(...) override to detect hyperlinks in editors
  • AbstractRepositoryConnector
    • + getLastSyncTimestamp(TaskRepository repository, Set<AbstractRepositoryTask> changedTasks) (may change as part of bug#176934)
    • getSupportedVersions() has been removed (#1768159)
  • ITaskListElement: now extends java.lang.Comparable, so Collections support of sorting can be used, since task list elements have a natural ordering. Default implementations are provided for tasks and containers. (bug 171590)
  • TasksUiUtil
    • openUrl(String url): moved to openBrowser(String url)
  • Task
    • getTooltipText(): deleted, not used
    • Due dates are now supported getDueDate(), setDueDate()
  • MylarStatus (place holder, will improve as we solidify this)
    • MylarStatusHandler.displayStatus(dialog title, IStatus status) - call to display error and information dialogs
    • When returning CoreException pass in a MylarStatus with appropriate code (see IMylarStatusConstants).
    • If IMylarStatusConstants.INTERNAL_ERROR is sent to MylarStatusHandler.displayStatus an error dialog will appear and the error will be logged.
    • IMylarStatusConstants.REPOSITORY_COLLISION used for mid-air collision. Pass repository url and appropriate dialog will be displayed.
  • ITaskDataHandler
    • getChangedSinceLastSync() method moved to AbstractRepositoryConnector
    • New comment now held in an attribute: RepositoryTaskAttribute.COMMENT_NEW will need to update handler and factory to produce connector specific attribute
    • initializeTaskData(TaskRepository repository, RepositoryTaskData data, IProgressMonitor monitor) called by NewTaskWizard to initialize new taskData objects (currently only in use by Trac but will adopt).
    • getAttributeFactory(String repositoryUrl, String repositoryKind, String taskKind) signature changed
    • getDateForAttributeType(...) moved to AbstractAttributeFactory
  • AttributeContainer
    • getAttributeFactory() new method
  • RepositoryTaskData
    • constructor now requires a task kind (string) (i.e. Task.DEFAULT_TASK_KIND)
    • getTaskKind return the task kind

  • AbstractRepositorySettingsPage validation changes.
    • setNeedsValidation(boolean needsValidation) if true validate button will be visible
    • getValidator(TaskRepository repository) return an instance of Validator.
  • TaskRepository
    • TaskRepository.isAnonymous()
    • TaskRepository.setAnonymous(boolean)
  • RepositorySynchronizationManager
    • updateOfflineState is now saveIncoming and saveOutgoing.
    • discardOutgoing discards any pending outgoing changes
  • TaskEditor
    • protected void pageChange(intNewPageIndex) method removed (only called super)
  • AbstractRepositoryTaskEditor
    • attributeChanged() Anything that needs to be saved must be in attribute form and passed to this method. Most if this is all done for you but if you override AbstractRepositoryTaskEditor.createCustomAttributeLayout() then you will want to ensure that attributeChanged is called upon editing. Utility method createTextField() handles this call.
    • createLabel() Utility method added. It will put an '*' at the front of the label if the attribute has been modified. Eventually this will be applied upon editing but currently only happens after re-freshing or re-opening the editor.
    • SECTION_NAME is an enum that holds default titles for the default sections. To override these default titles, set the appropriate (SECTION_NAME, new name) in alternateSectionLabels on AbstractRepositoryTaskEditor.
    • updateEditor() refreshes editor with new input in-place.
  • WebClientUtil
    • moved from ..mylar.tasks.core to
  • TaskList
    • getChangeListeners(): returns a Set instead of List
  • TaskListManager
    • setDueDate() used to set due date on a task and cause notification of local info changed.
    • isDue(ITask) true if task's due date isn't null and date has past

Context Framework

  • AbstractContextStore
    • notifyContextStoreMoved(): change to contextStoreMoved()

Monitor Framework

  • org.eclipse.mylar.monitor: split into monitor.core and monitor.ui, organize imports and update extension point IDs
  • HandleObfuscator
    • moved to InteractionEventObfuscator
  • org.eclipse.mylar.monitor.usage.core and org.eclipse.mylar.monitor.usage.ui
    • moved to ..mylar.monitor.core, ..mylar.monitor.usage and ..mylar.monitor.usage.internal

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