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Mylyn/Porting Guide

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Mylyn follows the Eclipse conventions for version numbering and guarantees binary backwards compatibility for minor releases. Internals are binary backwards compatible between service releases.

API enhancements can be tracked by searching the source code for the corresponding @since JavaDoc tags or by querying for bugs that have [api] in their summary.

Porting from 1.0 to 2.0

See the Mylyn Porting Guide 2.0

Porting from 2.0 to 3.0

See the Mylyn/Porting Guide/3.0

Notable API changes in 3.1

API enhancements in 3.1


  • bug 240446 To ensure proper closing of idle connection the use of the shared connection manager provided by WebUtil.getConnectionManager() is encouraged when creating instances of HttpClient.

Context Framework

  • bug 250072 IUserAttentionListener.userAttentionGained() is now only fired once when user activity has been detected.

Tasks Framework

  • bug 167941 Implementations of AbstractRepositoryConnectorUi.findHyperlinks() should now return all detected hyperlinks to support proper highlighting in the Task Editor. This also applies to custom hyperlink detectors that are contributed to the Task Editor. It is recommended to extend AbstractTaskHyperlinkDetector for that purpose.
  • bug 244653 Additional sections can now be contributed to AbstractRepositorySettingsPage through an extension point.
  • AbstractRepositoryConnectorUi.getAddExistingTaskWizard() now returns null.
  • AbstractTaskEditorPage.getEditor() now returns TaskEditor and should be used instead of AbstractTaskEditorPage.getTaskEditor()
  • AttributeEditorFactory needs to be constructed with an instance of IServiceLocator<code> to enable the WikiText task editor extensions.
  • If an association between a resource and repository is cleared <code>AbstractTaskRepositoryLinkProvider.setTaskRepository() is invoked with the repository set to null.

Breaking changes

  • The label constants in AbstractRepositorySettingsPage have changed to support internationalization.

Notable API changes in 3.2

API enhancements in 3.2

Context Framework

  • bug 274904 AbstractContextListener uses a single contextChanged(ContextChangeEvent) method instead of separate methods for each event type. The old notification methods have been deprecated.

Tasks Framework

  • bug 269407 TaskDataModel.getChangedOldAttributes() has been implemented and the list of changed attributes is now passed to AbstractTaskDataHandler.postTaskData() to support incremental updates to tasks.
  • bug 278298 To make use of the private section in the editor setNeedsPrivateSection(true) needs to be invoked in the constructor of classes extending AbstractTaskEditorPage. To suppress the planning page AbstractTaskEditorPageFactory.getConflictingIds() needs to return new String[] { ITasksUiConstants.ID_PAGE_PLANNING }.
  • bug 274790 To enable the submit button in the header toolbar of the Task Editor setNeedsSubmitButton(true) needs to be invoked in the constructor of classes extending AbstractTaskEditorPage.
  • bug 278708 Classes extending AbstractTaskEditorPage that do not support submission are encouraged to invoke setNeedsSubmit(false) in their constructor. This flag may be used in the future to hide submit button contributions and to disable key-bindings for submitting.
  • bug 276651 Severity and version have been added to the common task schema. Connectors are encouraged to map TaskAttribute.SEVERITY and TaskAttribute.VERSION in TaskAttributeMapper.mapToRepositoryKey().

Integrated Support

  • bug 150278 The org.eclipse.mylyn.tasks.bugs plug-in specifies an extension point for contributing a mapping from plug-in ids to task repositories or custom support handlers.

WikiText 1.1

WikiText 1.1 was released as part of Mylyn 3.2. WikiText 1.1 has several new API additions which can be found in the source by searching for @since 1.1. All API additions are non-breaking changes unless your project subclasses WikiText classes. When porting to WikiText 1.1 care should be taken to review these additions where subclassing is used.

The following changes should be noted when porting, as they may cause warnings in your projects:

  • Several methods in WikiText have been marked as @noreference. These methods were previously marked as Not API in the javadoc, however @noreference is more explicit and works well with the PDT API tools. More information about these changes can be found on bug 280614
    • org.eclipse.mylyn.wikitext.ui.viewer.HtmlViewer.getStylesheet()
    • org.eclipse.mylyn.wikitext.ui.viewer.HtmlViewer.setStylesheet(Stylesheet)
    • org.eclipse.mylyn.wikitext.ui.viewer.HtmlViewerConfiguration.createAnnotationHyperlinkDetector()
    • org.eclipse.mylyn.wikitext.tasks.ui.editor.MarkupTaskEditorExtension.TaskMarkupViewerConfiguration.createAnnotationHyperlinkDetector()

Pending changes for 3.3


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