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Mylyn/Porting Guide

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Revision as of 12:38, 18 June 2009 by (Talk | contribs) (Changes in 3.2)

Porting from 1.0 to 2.0

See the Mylyn Porting Guide 2.0

Porting from 2.0 to 3.0

See the Mylyn/Porting Guide/3.0

Changes in 3.1

  • AbstractRepositoryConnectorUi.getAddExistingTaskWizard() now returns null
  • New hyperlink detection bug 167941
  • AttributeEditorFactory now requires an IContextService to enable the WikiText task editor extensions
  • AbstractTaskRepositoryLinkProvider.setTaskRepository() may have repository set to null if association is cleared
  • AbstractRepositorySettingsPage is now extensible
  • IUserAttentionListener.userAttentionGained() only fired once bug 250072
  • AbstractTaskEditorPage.getEditor()'s signature has changed.

Breaking changes

  • Constants in AbstractRepositorySettingsPage have changed

Changes in 3.2

  • AbstractContextListener uses a single contextChanged(ContextChangeEvent) method instead of separate methods for each event type. Old methods deprecated.

WikiText 1.1

WikiText 1.1 was released as part of Mylyn 3.2. WikiText 1.1 has several new API additions which can be found in the source by searching for @since 1.1. All API additions are non-breaking changes unless your project subclasses WikiText classes. When porting to WikiText 1.1 care should be taken to review these additions where subclassing is used.

The following changes should be noted when porting, as they may cause warnings in your projects:

  • Several methods in WikiText have been marked as @noreference. These methods were previously marked as Not API in the javadoc, however @noreference is more explicit and works well with the PDT API tools. More information about these changes can be found on bug 280614
    • org.eclipse.mylyn.wikitext.ui.viewer.HtmlViewer.getStylesheet()
    • org.eclipse.mylyn.wikitext.ui.viewer.HtmlViewer.setStylesheet(Stylesheet)
    • org.eclipse.mylyn.wikitext.ui.viewer.HtmlViewerConfiguration.createAnnotationHyperlinkDetector()
    • org.eclipse.mylyn.wikitext.tasks.ui.editor.MarkupTaskEditorExtension.TaskMarkupViewerConfiguration.createAnnotationHyperlinkDetector()

Pending changes for 3.x

  • Closing of idle HttpClient connections

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