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Mylyn/Porting Guide

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Revision as of 18:56, 5 November 2008 by (Talk | contribs) (Changes in 3.1)

Porting from 1.0 to 2.0

See the Mylyn Porting Guide 2.0

Porting from 2.0 to 3.0

See the Mylyn/Porting Guide/3.0

Changes in 3.1

  • AbstractRepositoryConnectorUi.getAddExistingTaskWizard() now returns null
  • New hyperlink detection bug 167941
  • AttributeEditorFactory now requires an IContextService to enable the WikiText task editor extensions
  • AbstractTaskRepositoryLinkProvider.setTaskRepository() may have repository set to null if association is cleared
  • AbstractRepositorySettingsPage is now extensible
  • IUserAttentionListener.userAttentionGained() only fired once bug 250072

Pending changes for 3.x

  • Closing of idle HttpClient connections

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