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<td>August 27, 2007</td>
<td>August 27, 2007</td>
<td>Eclipse 3.3.0 and 3.4M1</td>
<td>Eclipse 3.3.0 and 3.4M1</td>
<td>Ganymede Milestone</td>
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Revision as of 23:12, 7 November 2007


To propose items or discussion the mylyn-integrators mailing list. Also see the Mylyn 2.0 Plan.


Dates are listed in the Mylyn Calendar (view as iCal or html) and on the Eclipse project timeline.

Also see: Eclipse Project 3.4 Plan, Ganymede Simultaneous Release.

Release Date Platform Release Notes
Mylyn 2.1M August 27, 2007 Eclipse 3.3.0 and 3.4M1 Ganymede Milestone
Mylyn 2.1 September 26, 2007 Eclipse 3.3.1 and 3.4M2 Europa Fall Maintenance
Mylyn 2.2M November 7, 2007 Eclipse 3.3.1 and 3.4M3 Ganymede Milestone
Mylyn 2.2 December 19, 2007 Eclipse 3.3.1 and 3.4M4  
Mylyn 2.3M February 13, 2008 Eclipse 3.3.1 and 3.4M5 Ganymede Milestone
Mylyn 2.3 February 27, 2008 Eclipse 3.3.2 and 3.4M5eh Europa Winter Maintenance
Mylyn 3.0RC0 May 7, 2008 Eclipse 3.3.2 and 3.4RC Mylyn APIs revised
Mylyn 3.0RC1 June 4, 2008 Eclipse 3.3.2 and 3.4RC Mylyn APIs frozen
Mylyn 3.0RC2 June 18, 2008 Eclipse 3.3.2 and 3.4RC  
Mylyn 3.0 Jun 30, 2008 Eclipse 3.3.2 and 3.4.0 Ganymede Release


The first goal of Mylyn is to make task and context management seamlessly integrated with the Eclipse Platform by providing rich and extensible frameworks for task repository connectors, structure bridges and team support. The second goal is to provide a reference implementation of the Task-Focused UI for the Eclipse SDK. This includes structure bridges for the artifacts supported by the SDK which include Java, PDE, Ant and generic files. It also includes the Bugzilla Connector as the reference task repository implementation, and CVS integration as the reference team support. Additional features can be considered based on the availability community contributions and resources.


In addition to using the planned themes listed below, we need to continue prioritizing the ongoing input of our growing user community. Committers should prioritize bugs in the following order. This order need not be used if a bug contains a community contribution of a patch, in which case the quality of the patch determines the priority.

  1. Frameworks & APIs: Tasks, Context, Team, Monitor, headless use
  2. UI: Tasks List, Task Editor, Task-focused UI
  3. Connectors: Bugzilla (reference implementation), Trac (committer supported), JIRA (community supported)


  • Eclipse: 3.3 and 3.4 Milestones (only latest milestone supported at time of release)
  • Java: JRE 5.0 or later required
  • Operating Systems: all supported by Eclipse

Theme Brainstorming

Legend: in progress, completed, optional

Theme dump from the 2007-07-24 conference call

Task-Focused UI

  • Improve fidelity of DOI model: the model implementation or tuning has not changed since the 0.3 release, and we need to iterate on the propagation mechanism and scaling factors in order to increase the information density of focused views. Template:Bug 118542, bug 150331
EK: inconsistency between "remove from context" menu and keyboard shortcuts (the latter work on stuff that don't have menu)
  • Fix focused tree viewer handling of containment nodes: the policy for displaying and allowing Alt+click on non-model nodes (e.g. Referenced Libraries) needs to be improved.
EK: additional features: preserve user identity within context to see context evolution when multiple people working on the task; context comparison; recovering the task context from global history and generally improve "clean task" story.
  • Extensibility: make it possible to create bridges without relying on internals, bug 204495

User Experience

  • Improve bug reporting feedback loop. When an error happens we should make it easier for to report a bug to the relevant task repository. Ensure that bundlings can provide additional handling to retain the producer/consumer separation. bug 150278, bug 182776, Platform: bug 124964

Supporting Integrators

  • Headless use
  • Tasks framework: the usual
  • Team framework: making it more generic, Platform/Team contributions
  • Context framework: ohter langauges WTP, DLTK
  • Improve branding of repositories (e.g. show favicon for repository in editor header)

Task Editor

  • Improve information density on initial open. For common cases the editor should not need to be scrolled after being opened. bug 195656
  • Improve display and navigation of attributes and related tasks and artifacts. Associated tasks, such as dependencies, subtasks, and duplicates. Attachment display also needs to be improved. bug 203661, bug 199675
  • Ease Editing. Improve interaction with the editor area and support rich/html/wiki editing where appropriate (e.g. repositories that use markup in comments). bug 203670
  • Improve representation of people. People are currently treated as email addresses. They should instead be an object that supports flexible display and operations such as content assist and additional actions. bug 204068
  • Improve performance of opening. Tasks with very long comments or a large number of comments can be slow to open due to our use of multiple source viewers, and to to the wrapping computation of source viewers. bug 204054
  • Make the save lifecycle more flexible. Improve support of direct manipulation in a view (e.g. marking Complete via the Task List) and better handling or edits with additional workflow (e.g. attachments). Support saving unsubmitted tasks.

  • Extensibility: ...

Task List Management

  • Design better interaction for Archive and Uncategorized categories
  • Improve desktop notification mechanism
  • Search of local tasks bug 205627
  • Improve presentation of incoming changes (bug 177208)
  • Customization/flexibility of attributes displayed, e.g. bug 199345
  • Support lightweight workflow in task editor
  • Streamline task creation (e.g. from existing artifact like a JUnit trace (bug 152869)), cloning tasks (bug 161646))
  • Improve experience working with a minimized Task List (e.g. show active task and working set somewhere on trim when minimized, ensure no visual redundancy when Task List visible).
  • Improve perspectives and switching (e.g. settle on 3 frequently used ones, use a radio button toolbar group for single-click toggle, consider extracting groupings as another view option)
EK: multiple instances of Task List view to facilitate drag and drop and different presentations; more flexible ways to group tasks without creating many queries (to make it easier to deal with and observe many issues; it is also one of the most voted requests); improve task editor usability (i.e. scroll to recent changes, sync editor with outline and other views); tagging tasks and creating custom task hierarchies; improving task list storage for incremental updates and allow full text search (perhaps using lucene)

Task Planning

  • Synching with connector timings bug 181911
  • Improve scheduling and due date presentation (reduce amount of red visible in a typical Task List)
  • Improve task activity collection, manipulation and display
  • Improve overlap with connectors' planning facilities

Task List Models

  • Content providers vs. filters and groupings (e.g. subtasks) bug 199818
  • Better support for presentations
  • Generic schema vs. connector-specific schema
  • Improve modularity of content providers / filters / interest / presentations
  • Common task schema
  • generic XML format for repository task data and repo configuration
EK: the above is either the same or need to be clarified. Is these formats intended for import/export or for working with 3rd party repositories. The former probably better to address with public API instead of relying on the schema.


  • Synch priority
  • Network I/O responsiveness, cancellability
  • Incremental synch architecture
  • Network settings and full set of proxy configuration options

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