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Tel (US): 1-866-394-4146 or 1-480-629-1624, Passcode: 428029063, Time: Thursday's at 10am Pacific
Tel (Canada): 1-877-727-8553 or 1-416-840-9801

Archive: 2009 Meetings, 2008 Meetings, 2007 Meetings, 2006 Meetings

Pending Items

Planning meetings are open to all interested. When adding an item to the agenda please include your name.

  • Mylyn 3.4 plan items
    • Connector discovery service message
    • Task activity trim
    • Task editor layout
    • Starring of tasks and comments
    • Improved presentation of associated tasks
  • Reviews Initial Contribution UI Review (Mario, proposed for June 10th 2010)

May 27th, 10-11am PT

Past Meetings

May 20th, 10-11am PT

May 13th, 10-11am PT

  • bug 302907: support categorization in Task Repositories view (Rob)
    • UI Review
    • Categorizing Connectors? (New Repository Wizard)
    • Initial category for existing connectors, api for connectors to specify the category of a new repository
  • bug 263528 display a repository service message to warn users of problems, updates, and other relevant information (Rob)
    • UI Review (layout issues)
    • Multiple message support

May 6th, 10-11am PT

  • Helios

April 29th, 10-11am PT

  • Google Summer of Code student projects (Steffen)
  • Mylyn restructuring discussion Mylyn/Restructuring (Mik)
    • Builds project division of labor (Henrik)

April 22nd, 10-11am PT

April 15th, 10-11am PT

  • Project restructuring
  • Google Summer of Code (Steffen)
  • Dropping support for old update manager (Steffen)
  • Helpwanted bugs (Steffen)


  • Steffen sends out email to cross-projects to clarify feature structure

April 8th, 10-11am PT

  • Creation of new plug-ins (Steffen)
  • Summer of Code

April 1st, 10-11am PT

  • Egit and Mylyn integration project idea for GSoc 2010 (Added by Harshana Martin)
  • Context sharing via ECF as a project idea for GSoc 2010 (Added by Harshana Martin)

March 25th, 10-11am PT

  • No meeting, EclipseCon

March 18th, 10-11am PT


  • GSoC: ECF integration (Steffen)
  • EGit
  • EclipseCon
  • Plan Items for Mylyn 3.4
    • Task List UI design
    • Task Editor UI design: starring of comments, comments for local tasks...
    • Task List model
    • Generalizing the Repositories view
  • Egit and Mylyn integration project idea for GSoc 2010 (Added by Harshana Martin).

March 11th, 10-11am PT


March 4th, 10-11am PT


  • Expiring the JIRA and Zest components (Steffen)
  • bug 304171 API exceptions for internal provisional packages not marked as x-internal (Steffen)
  • bug 303356 Integrate google search into WikiText content assist
  • UI review

February 25th, 10-11am PT


  • 3.3.2 release (Steffen)
  • Git update (Rob)
  • Retention policy for builds (Steffen)
  • bug 303483 Discovery site for Helios
  • bug 303278 Let the Task Trim Widget finally escape from incubation
  • bug 207175 Incompatibility with server that use SSLv3 only
  • bug 303431 Purpose of CommonColors.CONTEXT_ACTIVE
  • UI review
    • bug 199345 Allow to configure labels in the task list
  • bug 303356 Integrate google search into WikiText content assist

February 18th, 10-11am PT


  • Ideas for Google Summer of Code (Steffen)
  • 3.2.3 release (Steffen)

February 11th, 10-11am PT


  • bug 273325 Tracking of already released changes (Steffen)
  • UI Review
  • Status of tests


February 4th, 10-11am PT


  • bug 296436: Include tests in the developer resources bundles
  • Helios IP review deadline
  • Status of tests
  • Process for triaging inbox bugs (Steffen)
    • Planning and milestones
  • bug 300134 adding FAQ, reorganize file paths in bundle
  • UI Review
    • bug 290197 refactor bugzilla search query page layout
    • bug 272207 Include iplog flag for patches on bugzilla task editor
    • bug 199345 [patch] allow to configure labels in the task list

Thursday, January 28th, 10-11am PT


  • Build for Galileo SR2 release (Steffen)
  • 3.3.2 release status (Steffen)
  • bug 298364 task hyperlink duplicates the platform's URL hyperlink
  • UI review
    • bug 272207 Include iplog flag for patches on bugzilla task editor
    • bug 297437 Support for patch review through Mylyn for Bugzilla

Thursday, January 21st, 10-11am PT


  • Discovery UI changes (Steffen)
  • Synchronization of repository configuration classes

Thursday, January 14th, 10-11am PT


  • WikiText image support question (Mik)
  • bug 297878 Focus in breakpoints view broken (Steffen)
  • bug 297900 Fixed width font default size is 13, whereas task editor size is 11 (David)
  • bug 257001 [editor] support customization of background color in task editor
  • bug 262704 Test coverage and hudson (Steffen)
  • UI Review
  • Backlog review (Mik)


  • Steffen asks Markers and Breakpoints views to add an internal getViewer() method, could be worth checking all our getViewer() reflective calls.
  • Shawn check if CDT has reflective getViewer() calls and makes similar request.

Thursday, January 7th, 10-11am PT


  • 3.2.3 Release / Galileo SR1 (Steffen)
  • bug 281893 Bugzilla load
  • UI review
  • Mylyn project restructuring discussion
    • JIRA connector CVS read-only (Steffen)

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