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Tel: 1-866-362-7064 or 1-613-287-8000, Passcode: 892048#, Time: Thursday's at 10am Pacific

Archive: 2008 Meetings, 2007 Meetings, 2006 Meetings

Next Meeting

Planning meetings are open to all interested. When adding an item to the agenda please include your name.

Thursday, March 19th, 10-11am PT


  • Web site update review
  • 3.1 release (Steffen)
  • bug 268740 providing download packages (Steffen)
  • bug 266577 loss of indentation upon submit (Rob)

Thursday, March 26th, 10-11am PT

No meeting due to EclipseCon.

Thursday, April 2nd, 10-11am PT


  • bug 267524 3.2 release planning
  • bug 184532 Generic/SQL/Industrial Template connector - role and function in Mylyn project (Maarten/Wim)

Past Meetings

Thursday, March 12th, 10-11am PT


  • 3.1 release marketing
  • Summer of Code 2009 (Steffen)
    • Scott Newson's wikiPresenter tool (Wayne Beaton, Chris Aniszczyk)
  • Open 3.1 bugs (Steffen)
  • bug 266123 screenshot capturing
  • Bugzilla conventions for tracking enhancements (Steffen)
  • bug 268294 Separate feature/update-site for the wikitext components
  • Trac related performance issues (Jörg Thönnes)

Thursday, March 5th, 10-11am PT


  • WikiText
  • 3.1 RC release announcement (Steffen)
  • bug 265080 Files with internal structure can't be a landmark
  • bug 173880 Scope of time tracking for Mylyn 3.2

Thursday, February 26th, 10-11am PT



  • Very if URL highlighting works in the task editor

Thursday, February 19th, 10-11am PT


  • Bugzilla problems?
  • New task drop-down UI discussion
  • 3.0.5 release (Steffen)
  • 3.1 triage
  • bug 263862 New and Noteworthy for 3.1 (Steffen)

Thursday, February 12th, 10-11am PT


  • Publicizing WikiText changes
  • New and Noteworthy for 3.1 (Steffen)
  • 3.0.5 release (Steffen)
  • 3.1 triage
  • Specific bug discussions

Thursday, February 5th, 10-11am PT


  • UI Review bug 242445
  • Decide on a WikiText default wiki markup bug 262690
  • WikiText documentation
  • Signed WikiText standalone distribution (Steffen)
  • New and Noteworthy for 3.1 (Steffen)

Thursday, January 29th, 10-11am PT


  • Default wiki markup bug 262690
  • Helen's tasks
  • Policy for monitoring test failures (Steffen)
  • Using SWT bot
  • 3.0.4 release (Steffen)
  • 3.5M5 compatibility (Steffen)
  • UI review
  • Mylyn 3.1 triage


  • Everyone works with Bugzilla textile for a week
  • Mik files a bug on WikiText defaults
  • Steffen enables email notifications for continuous build

Thursday, January 22th, 10-11am PT


  • 3.0.4 release date (Steffen)
  • 3.1 plan review bug 236940 (Steffen)
    • bug 249662 [context] disable interest propagation within Synchronize view (Rob)
    • outstanding patches
  • bug 261302 Mylyn UI tests should be able to make use of SWTBot
  • UI review
    • bug 226598 move "Validate Settings" button to the lower-left of the dialog (Steffen)
  • Summer of Code 2009

Thursday, January 15th, 10-11am PT


  • 3.1 plan review bug 236940 (Steffen)
    • bug 249662: [context] disable interest propagation within Synchronize view (Rob)
    • 8 outstanding patches
  • 3.0.4 release, Feb 18th (Steffen)
    • bug 252297 Bugzilla 3.2 Changing the Status of a bug does not really change it.
    • bug 256045 Reassign to default assignee is not present for Bugzilla Version >= 3.0
    • bug 257320 a reopened bugzilla task is shown with grayed strikethrough font in the task list
  • bug 260666 include developer guide in SDK feature
  • bug 258358 improve message when retrieving context
  • bug 239729 copy email addresses in task editor
  • bug 256198 description change lost when starting progress
  • bug 260923 move WikiText plug-ins to weekly update site, Galileo participation
  • bug 260475 application of DOI to editor content and folding (WikiText)
  • Design discussion for support integration
  • Brainstorming on connector store


  • Move WikiText on weekly update site and make a Galileo release
  • Create plug-in for developer documentation

Thursday, January 8th, 10-11am PT



Feedback for David...

Wikitext Editor

  • Consider application of DOI to editor content and folding
  • Consider use of quick outline

Content assist

  • icons for headings (in both content assist and outline)

Editor Preview

  • Hyperlinks - open them in new browser


  • Update Marker label to: WikiText Markup Problem

Popup Menu

  • Remove from Context should not be in menu (bug 260429)
  • "Preferences" needs to be last option in popup menu, consider moving "Markup Language" up

Preference Page

  • Add Restore and Apply buttons (below scroll so that they are always visible even when scrolling page)

File Icons

  • Need a wikitext specific file icon (Mik to source icons)

Context Menu

  • rename actions from Convert to Generate

Task Editor Extensions

  • Suppress display of "Plain Text" when no other options present
  • Remove brackets leaving: Textile Bugzilla Dialect (default)


  • Consider adding @since tags
  • remove stacktrace print

All in favor of promotion from incubation. Mik and Steffen to request move of code out of sandbox.

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